Are Motorcycles Allowed to Be Parked in Bike Racks?

That two-wheelers are easier to park is a no-brainer. Its smaller size means that we can park it almost anywhere. However, the increasing presence of motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters in the major US cities has created the need to regulate their parking in order to guarantee the mobility of pedestrians.

The US has some of the most populated cities and has been the first to put a stop to the excesses of users. Today, together with Zecycles we will try to understand the intricacies of parking motorcycles and bicycles.

What about motorcycle parking?

If there are motorcycle parking reservations on the street where we must park, it will be mandatory to park on them, without exception. Faced with the increase in demand for this type of car park, authorities have been installing new spaces throughout the major cities.

The motorcycle allows you to move with greater fluidity in traffic, something that affects the possibility of making the trips in less time. This convenience is also transferred to another issue that in the case of tourism drivers causes real headaches: parking.

Parking a motorcycle is an easy task in most cases, mainly due to its smaller size. In any case, to avoid a fine it is necessary to know the municipal regulations in this regard since each city establishes its specific points regarding the parking of motorcycles.

Where should the motorcycle be parked according to the law?

The Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles, and Road Safety establish that it is forbidden to park “on sidewalks, walkways and other areas for pedestrians.”

But in addition to this restriction, it also adds: “However, the municipalities, through municipal ordinance, may regulate the stopping and parking of two-wheeled vehicles on the sidewalks and walks provided that the traffic of pedestrians through them, attending to the needs of those who can carry a bulky object and, especially, those of those who have a disability ”.

We see that the general regulations leave in the hands of each municipality the regulation on how they should park their motorcycles, so there is no common law that applies throughout the national territory.

In any case, the ordinances of all municipalities tend to share the fact that motorcycles should always be parked in those spaces reserved for them and not invade the areas designated for the parking of other vehicles.

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One of the most common questions by motorcycle owners is “can they park their motorcycles and moped in bike racks?”

We know that bike racks are not designed for mopeds let alone motorcycles and although some bike racks are wide enough to fit a regular-sized moped, still it is not advisable to do so.

Motorcycle parking has been a major problem for motorcycle owners not only in the US but also in Canada because unlike other countries like Asian and South Americans where mopeds are everywhere, in the US, there are no specific laws for motorcycle parking.

And since motorcycle owners are having problems with motorcycle parking, let’s see how a motorcycle can be parked depending on where you want to go.

Car Parks

Although car parks are ideal for motorcycles because they are open and the spaces are wide, still it is not a good idea to park there. Car parks are not designed for motorcycles and they can be populated sometimes.

The best spot is between bays and not really inside those spots allocated for a single car. Parking between bays is ideal because there could be no hindrance or no one would tell you to remove your vehicle because he can’t move out.

On the Road

Roadside is one of the best motorcycle parking spots. Just make sure you are outside the road. Understanding and taking road signs into consideration is another important thing to keep in mind when parking on the roadside.

Pay Parking

Probably the best parking spot for your motorcycle is to pay to park. There is literally no rule that would tell you to want to park in a pay parking lot as long as you are not putting a semi-truck there.

Bicycle Bays and Racks

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Here’s the hot topic. Can you really park in a bicycle bay? Absolutely yes as long as you are not hindering the pedestrian. In the US there is no clear law that prohibits motorcycles from parking in bicycle bays as long as there is enough space for pedestrians.

Bike racks on the other hand are a different story especially when you want to force your motorcycle into a tight-spaced bike rack. This could work but make sure to check your local regulations and the place where the bike rack is located.

Extra tip: To the reserved areas, do not look. Loading and unloading, public transport zone … although it is tempting, the reserved areas are, as the name implies, reserved. If they are not intended for motorcycles, stay away.

Although there are some restrictions on parking in big cities with a motorcycle, it will always be easier to park a motorcycle instead of driving around to find a parking space for a car.

Do you doubt it? We invite you to try one of our electric motorcycles so that you can see, first-hand, how easy it is to handle and park it!

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