How Choose Best Folding Mountain Bike – 5 Features to Look for in Folding Bike

Best Folding Mountain Bike

How Choose Best Folding Mountain Bike

Are you an urbanite or a commuter looking for a convenient bike? Then you can consider purchasing a folding mountain bike.

These are bikes that are ideal for people with limited space or city dwellers. The bikes are fordable making it easy to fit them in small apartments or trains when traveling.

How do you choose the best folding bike? First, we have to admit that folding bikes are designed differently. There are so many models that vary in design and style. I will help you find out some of the most important things that you need to consider when buying a folding mountain bike.

1. Check Out The Folding Mechanism

This is one of the most important features of a folding mountain bike (like a Montague). It is important to consider the folding mechanism because it determines how fast you will be in a position to fold your bike. These bikes come in different folds which include:

Split Fold Mechanism

This is the most common folding mechanism you will find especially in 20-inch bikes, but you can still find it in other larger models. The mechanism works by using a hinge that is placed at the center of the bike’s frame. This means that it folds your bike in half. This is an incredible folding mechanism that works well on different terrains.

Triangular Fold

This is another folding mechanism that many people use today. It features frames that work by folding together. It has hinted that clasp together to form a compact size. It might take time to fold but once you are done, you get a compact bike that occupies less space.


This is a rare mechanism because it splits the bike into two pieces. It can be time-consuming and tedious to fold the bike using this mechanism.

2. Frame construction

You should also check the frame construction before you buy a folding mountain bike. The frame you choose plays a significant role in the overall weight of the bike.

There are different types of frame materials that you can choose which include carbon, aluminum, steel, and titanium.

best Folding Mountain Bike

3. Gears

Do you want a geared bike or not? This is where many people get confused when selecting a folding mountain bike. First, you need to know that single speed bikes use a single chain which makes them slow when accelerating. Their advantage is that they have high tops speed.

When it comes to climbing hills, they really struggle. On the other hand, geared bikes will accelerate fast and they can climb hills with ease at a top speed.

4. Folding Mountain Bike Wheel Size

Folding bikes are available in different wheel sizes. If you want a bike that gives you a compact fold, then you can choose the 16-inch wheel size. Folding bikes with larger wheels perform well on the road and they are good for long distance. When it comes to acceleration, a bike with small wheels is very fast.

5. Other Considerations

  • Consider the suspension
  • The price of the bike
  • Ease of transportation
  • The weight of the bike

Final Words on Folding Moutain Bike

Folding mountain bikes are convenient especially if storage and transportation are your major concerns. If you take note of the above tips when buying a folding mountain bike, then you can be sure to buy the right bike for you.

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