Diamondback Bicycles Women’s 2022 Clarity 2 Hybrid Bike Review

Diamondback Clarity 2 Hybrid Bike : Are you keen in shedding extra weight, toning your muscles, relaxing, or generally keeping fit? Are you looking for extra benefits from a bike over and above merely being able to travel from one point to another? Would you also want a bike that is durable and reliable in the long run?

If you answered YES, to all of the above questions, then the Diamondback Clarity 2 women’s hybrid Bike (Complete Performance) is yours for the taking. In the review that follows, you will get to know more about its key features, benefits, downsides, and so on.

Diamondback Women's Clarity 2

For a start, this bike is primarily designed for women. It is generally used for exercise, fitness, and the navigation of tough terrain. This is enabled by the existence of several tough and elegant features.

The Diamondback Clarity 2 is generally tough, durable, and reliable. It is partially disassembled and hence requires some assembly prior to eventual usage.

Whom is Diamondback Clarity 2 Hybrid Bike Designed For?

This hybrid bicycle is suitable for just about every other person who may be intent on relaxing or keeping fit. However, the following cadres of persons will find it particularly relevant:

  • Women
  • Young ladies
  • Elderly girls
  • Housewives
  • Fitness coaches/instructors

Important Features Of Diamondback Clarity 2 Hybrid Bicycle

Diamondback Clarity 2 bike review

  • Optimal Performance

With this Clarity 2 women’s bike, you will be able to enjoy optimal on road as well as off-road performance. That’s because it is equipped with features that are intended to guarantee its reliability in both scenarios.

These include the 700c Performance Hybrid wheels, tough frames, Tektro mechanical disc brakes, and the Shimano 21-speed drivetrain.

The features will allow you to use the bike hassle-free in any terrain. They will also let you control the various aspects of travel such as speed and torque with ease.

  • Effective Controls

One of the most laborious yet crucial tasks while using a bike is the halting or the stopping of the bike. This is because any errors may normally bring in dire repercussions. Diamondback Clarity 2 bicycle is designed in such a manner as to greatly expedite the process of stopping it.

This is enabled by the Tektro mechanical disc brakes and the heavily-treaded tires. They both confer abundant stoppage power regardless of the condition of the road or time of use.

  • Seamless Maneuverability

You will find this bike very easy to steer around and direct out and about a given area of use. The women’s hybrid bike integrated Aero Alloy straight blade fork will let your steer it with ease.

It’s hand-built Devine designs high-quality aluminum alloy frame, on the other hand, will let you expand an as minimal amount of pedaling force as possible due to its extremely light weight. These will altogether allow you to evade obstacles and other dangers with ease.

  • Limitless Applicability

Daimondback bicycle may accommodate several accessories such as racks, fenders, carriers, extra frames, mud guards, light bulbs, and reflectors. These accessories definitely have the ability to extend its functionality i.e. the range of possible uses to which it may be put.

By purchasing this Diamondback Clarity 2 bicycle, you, therefore, stand the chance to accrue much more benefits than you actually pay for. You can never ever go wrong by investing your money in buying it!

  • Maximum Comfort

Your comfort and overall well-being are well taken care of by the manufacturer of this bike. It does have a low stand over height. This lets you embark and disembark the bike with ease.

Its gears allow you to vary the speed and the torque as per your liking. Its extra wide heavily trodden tires, on the other hand, ensure maximum stability and ease of negotiating corners.

The bike, therefore, spares you of any unnecessary pain, blisters, and other side effects of ordinary bikes.

Diamondback Clarity 2

Things We Liked

  • Prestigious: Diamondback brand is famed for producing high-quality luxury bikes. The purchase of this bike, therefore, bestows to you some level of prestige.
  • Long-term Reliability: Owing to its resilience towards the common elements of wear and tear, this bike is reliable in the long run.
  • Affordable: Compared to competing products, this bike is quite cheap and very affordable.
  • Limited Storage Space: The fact that it may be assembled and disassembled with ease calls for very limited storage space.
  • Portable: It weighs around 22 pounds (10 kg). It may thus be carried around with relative ease.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Need for Assembly: Some assembly just before use is needed. You may find yourself at a significant disadvantage in case you lack the necessary technical skills.
  • Limited Applicability: The bike is only relevant for women. It leaves out men, who constitute roughly 50% of potential users.

Technical Details Of Diamondback Clarity 2

Gender Women
Age GroupAdult
Wheel Diameter700c
Tire sizeKenda Kwick Trax 700x32c
Number Of Speeds 21
Front DerailleurShimano Tourney TY510
Rear DerailleurShimano Altus 7 speed
ShiftersShimano EF-51 Easyfire
Brake StyleDisc Brakes - Mechanical
Brake TypeTektro Aries Mechanical Disc with 160mm rotors
Frame MaterialAluminum
SaddleDB Performance Hybrid
Weight26 pounds

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Diamondback Clarity 2 Hybrid Bike

If I was to order it online, what would be the bike weight?

It would weigh approximately 26 pounds (12 kg)

In which country is this bike manufactured?

Diamondback Clarity 2 is manufactured in China.

Does the Diamondback Clarity 2 come with front and reflectors?

No, it doesn’t. They may be retrofitted later though.

Is Diamondback Clarity 2 delivered with mudguards?

No. They may also be retrofitted after purchase though.

What is the maximum weight of a rider that it may accommodate?

Around 5 times its own weight (that is 135 pounds/61 kg)

Final Verdict on Diamondback Clarity 2 Hybrid Bike

Inasmuch as the diamondback Clarity 2 hybrid bike may have its fair share of drawbacks, it is still a very worthy purchase. It is, as a matter of fact, a sure way of staying fit, shedding unnecessary weight, and relaxing. Its acquisition will bring you more benefits than you actually pay for.

This is because the bike will let you will derive much more benefits in one package. If you are a woman worth your salt and you would also like to stay in the best state of health with almost no side effects, you clearly have no choice but to acquire it.

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