Electric Scooters Versus Dirt Bikes

Electric scooters and dirt bikes are linked because you can use them both to have fun riding the trails. But there are some significant differences between these two kinds of rides. And we are going to explore them in this electric scooter vs dirt bike comparison.

We will look at various aspects of these rides and how electric scooters and dirt bikes square off. So, let’s get to it!

Electric Scooters vs Dirt Bikes – The Comparison

Street or road legal

The first thing we need to look at in this comparison of electric scooter vs dirt bike is street or road legality. You can use dirt bikes only in off-road conditions. There is too much work associated with them if you look to make the road or street legal.

The same cannot be said for electric scooters, and you can use them to commute or run errands. This is not going to happen on a dirt bike. So,e-scooters are more comfortable riding on roads and streets.

Storage and footprint

Moreover, you will need a much larger space to store your dirt bike due to its large size. On the other hand, most e-scooters come with a foldable design. Due to this folding design, you can carry your eScooter on trains and buses.

But again, this is not going to happen with a dirt bike. Therefore, electric scooters are better than dirt bikes due to their folding and lightweight features.


But when we talk about comfort, an electric scooter will never be as comfortable as a dirt bike. With that being said, e-scooters are becoming more refined to ensure a smoother ride. However, they are still far behind the dirt bikes in terms of comfort.

Dirt bikes feature suspensions that can absorb road bumps as you ride; they also have knobby tires to dig deep into the dirt and keep you upright.

These features are not there in electric scooters. Some models have them, but they are almost negligible if you compare them with dirt bikes. So, this point goes in favor of dirt bikes.

Fun ride

Fun here is going to depend a lot on your overall mindset. Some people might find dirt bikes more fun, while others might consider them nothing else than a life-threatening contraption. If you are willing to cut loose, then dirt bikes are much more fun than electric scooters.

But you have to make sure that you are wearing your protective gear while riding. It is not mandatory to jump 50 feet in the air to have fun with your dirt bike. If you can pin the throttle on trial, it will cause an adrenaline rush too.

On the other hand, riding an electric scooter can be a little fun as you can ride around people and unseen obstacles. And this can be a source of adrenaline rush too.


Cost is going to be a huge factor in favor of electric scooters. For an adult-sized dirt bike, you need to have a budget of at least USD 5,000. Many high-end dirt bikes with all bells and whistles are over USD 10,000. Bikes that feature 2-stroke engines are much cheaper than bikes that come with 4-stroke engines.

But electric scooters are much cheaper. You can find one as low as USD 100. The higher-end models can cost you around USD 500. So, electric scooters are much cheaper and budget-friendly than dirt bikes.

Safety and protection

If you are going for an electric scooter, you might not need much safety and protective gear. The only thing that you might need to wear is a helmet or a pair of elbow and knee pads. Again, it is not going to cost you much.

Dirt bikes, on the other hand, will need more gear for your safety and protection. You will need a helmet with a pair of goggles. Boots and gloves with padding for your limbs and motocross jersey and pants will be required too.

And don’t forget about the chest protector. As you can see, you will need more protective gear to ride a dirt bike compared to an electric scooter.

License requirement

Last but not least in this comparison of electric scooter vs dirt bike is a license requirement. If you are going to ride your dirt bikes off-road, you might not need a license. But if you take it out on the road, you will need an M license or a learner’s permit.

An even bigger problem is that your dirt bike might not be street or road legal because it is made for riding offroad. The rules associated with dirt bikes on roads vary from state to state. But you do not need a license to ride an electric scooter.

Most states allow you to ride these electric scooters on trails, streets, and pathways. But you will have to check your local state laws and regulations to be sure.

Can kids ride electric scooters or dirt bikes?

You can find small-sized dirt bikes for kids, and kids as young as 3 years old can ride these bikes. Then, after some riding experience, you can shift them too much bigger gasoline dirt bikes. You can even add training wheels in the beginning.

But 5, they will be able to ride their bikes with these training wheels. But as a kid, riding an electric scooter was much easier than riding dirt bikes. For adults, riding dirt bikes is a much better option.

Electric Scooters vs Dirt Bikes: Which One is Suitable for Whom?

When comparing electric scooters vs dirt bikes, you have to see which ride is suitable for whom. Electric scooters are much better for riding on streets and roads. Therefore, they are much better for running errands and commuting.

But if you are more interested in high-flying action and stunts while riding the trails, you should opt for dirt bikes. You also need to have a much bigger budget for these dirt bikes because they are much more powerful rides designed for off-road conditions.

What is this Varla Scooter?

Electric scooters are much cheaper rides. For example, you can go for the Varla Eagle One electric scooter. This electric scooter features a powerful motor that will allow you to ride on roads, and you can have some fun on flatter terrains too.

It comes with a top speed of 40 miles an hour to give you enough rush of blood. Plus, you can even climb 30-degree slopes and tackle those rough roads.

It is equipped with a 52V lithium-ion battery that can give you 40 miles per charge. It has a folding design that allows you to carry it with you on trains and buses. This Varla Scooter is certainly the one you can have instead of a dirt bike if you are tight on budget and want to ride the roads too.

This electric scooter features dual shock absorption and makes your riding much more comfortable and safer. Therefore, it guarantees smoother rides and can handle rough roads pretty well. The scooter boasts an independent suspension that will keep your ride gravity stable.

This scooter comes with a dual hydraulic braking system with ABS to equip you with maximum stopping power. These brakes are designed to reduce your braking distance and be highly responsive.

Final Word on Electric Scooters Versus Dirt Bikes

In comparing electric scooter vs dirt bike, in terms of power and performance, the dirt bike will always be the winner. But when we talk about versatile, electric scooters are much better options.

Electric scooters like Varla Escooter are a top choice because they are the closest to a dirt bike. It has a big motor and battery and handles slopes well.

The scooter has a top speed of 42 miles an hour, and it can manage 40 miles per charge. And the best part is that you can run errands and commute on it. That is something a dirt bike is not going to deliver until you spend more money on it. So, electric scooters are much more versatile than these specialized dirt bikes.

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