Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike Review and Specifications

Genesis V2100 mountain bike is the superior quality men mountain bike. The design is spectacular, and the features are unique. Most importantly, you cannot empty your bank account to get one.

The bike is composed of full suspension fork, as well as an alloy aluminum frame, rear V brake, front disc brake, as well as double wall rims and other fantastic features. The Genesis moutain bike is designed to provide the best riding experience.

If you are finding it hard to pass through rough terrain in your neighborhoods, you can always rely on this bike. It is a good mountain bike under $500. It has everything, what you want.

Whom is Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike meant for?

Genesis V2100 mountain bike is great and hardly can any other compare with it. It is meant for all categories of riders, especially

  • Those on budget looking for affordable mountain bike.
  • Those riding rough terrains.
  • Male riders looking for superior quality bikes.
  • It is good for riders who want to get a memorable riding experience.
  • The genesis mountain bike is meant for those who cherish durable quality mountain riding bikes.

Genesis v2100 mountain bike

  • The Genesis mountain bike is affordable
  • Very safe to use
  • Adjustable to meet your height
  • Sturdy construction
  • Smooth gearing system
  • Assembly is required
  • Plastic pedals

Why you should buy Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike ?

Genesis V2100 mountain bike is an affordable bike. It is very comfortable and durable. The gearing system is unique and because of that, you can pass through the most difficult paths without difficulties.

The braking system is unique, and it features both the back and front braking system. Because of that, your safety is guaranteed anytime you use the bike. The wheels and tires are superb. These are just the best bikes for men’s and it is highly recommended.

Features Of Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike

Genesis v2900 mountain bike

Before you spend your money on any bike, it is good to study the features to know whether it is suitable for your need. This moutain bike has the best in terms of features:

  • Suspension and Aluminum Frame

When you are looking for any mountain bike whether it is for men and so on, you have to consider the suspension system and the frame. In case of Genesis 26 inches men’s V2100 bike, it features a dual full suspension.

In the same way, it features a durable and sturdy alloy four bar suspension frame. This is a superior quality aluminum frame, because it is better than the usual aluminum frame.

Because of the full suspension, you will ride it with confidence and comfort. Most importantly, it ensures that your bike is durable, meaning that it can serve you for a long time.

  • Unique Braking System

When you are looking for a good bike, one of the key features to look out for includes the braking system. In the case of the Genesis V2100 mountain bike, it can boast of two types of brakes.

These include the disc braking system in the front, and the other one is the rear braking system at the back. This is to ensure that your maximum security and protection when you are riding the bike.

When you ride the bike, you will be in full control because you can just apply any of the brakes and it will stop you exactly at the spot. Moreover, this ensures that you have a wonderful riding experience.

  • Gearing System

Another great thing you can observe in this bike is the unique gearing system. Genesis mountain bike 26″ uses Shimano gearing system and has at least twenty-one speed drive train gears.

This means that you can ride any kind of terrain without difficulties. It is a question of shifting to the correct gear and you speed through the terrain. The gearing system is such that you can enjoy it and you will always be in control.

This is because you cannot speed excessively such that you can no longer control it. Most importantly, Genesis 27.5 mountain bikes feature rear and front derailleur. This is great because it makes for easy and effortless riding.

  • Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike Wheels and Tires

Most importantly, it features great wheels and tires. These are the most important attributes to check in any type of bike before you begin to ride. You will like the wheels and tires because of the wideness.

Because of the quality tire and wheel design, you discover that you can use the product for a long time. This means that it is long lasting. Traction is very important in this type of bike, because of tire and wheel design, you get a better traction whenever you are on the road or the trail with this Genesis mountain bike GS26.

Even if you go through the most difficult paths, you will like it very well.

  • Affordable

As pointed out before, one of the key features of this bike is the fact that it is highly affordable. Unlike similar bikes out there, you cannot empty your bank account to get one, despite the high-end features.

If you are on a strict budget and you are looking for a good mountain bike to cruise round your neighborhood, you can always make do with this one. Other incentives make you buy it such as discounts, warranties and other kinds of incentives.

If you are looking for the best, you should not hesitate to buy this one under $500.

  • Comfort

Comfort is another name for this great bike. This is what you should expect from a bike packed with such great features. Genesis 26-inch mountain bikes feature a full dual suspension with an aluminum frame. This makes it light, meaning that you are not going to find it hard to lift it.

Furthermore, you will be comfortable riding, because of the suspension fork. You can travel to any length without feeling it.

Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike Specs

Gender Men
Wheel Diameter26"
Frame Size26"
Age GroupAdult
Brake Stylelinear pull, Disc
Frame MaterialAluminum
Number Of Speeds 21
Shipping Weight191 pounds
Dimensions68.00" x 25.00" x 41.00"

FAQ – Pre-Selling Questions and Answers about Genesis V2100 Bike

What is the weight of the Genesis V2100 bike ?

Genesis v2100 men’s mountain bike is a lightweight bike and does not weigh more than 45lbs.

Are there differences between Genesis v2100 white and ordinary color?

There are no differences, they are the same and have the same features. Color is the only difference between them.

Is the bike suitable to my size?

Yes, it is suitable to any size because it can be adjusted.

Alternative similar product with Niner Bikes JET RDO 2-Star

Niner Bikes JET RDO 2 Star mountain suspension

Niner JET RDO 2-Star Mountain Bike is the alternative to Genesis mountain bike. The Niner Bikes JET RDO 2-Star bike is a more expensive than it’s Genesis counterpart. It is built with 29 inches tires and features full suspension aluminum frame.

In the same way, it features a full suspension fork. It consists of SRAM SX Eagle 12 speed shifters. The bike is comfortable to ride just like the Genesis counterpart. If you are looking for the closest alternative to the Genesis V2100 mountain bike, you can always opt for this product.

Genesis Mountain Bike 26″ Review Video – V2100

Final words on Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike

Genesis V2100 mountain full suspension bike is indeed the road master. It is good for any type of terrain. This bike is not the type you expend your whole energy when you are riding. It is one of the best for recreational purpose.

Whether you are an experienced or a first-time bike rider, you are going to derive pleasure riding the bike. It is a wonderful experience you will not like to miss.

Genesis v2100 mountain bike is highly recommended. It is affordable, and the height is adjustable. The Genesis mountain bikes suitable for you.


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