Kent Northwoods Springdale Women Hybrid Bicycle Review

Northwoods Ladies Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid BicycleKent Northwoods Ladies Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid Bicycle is the best light weight and comfortable bike for all size women. The city along with its rough exterior has a way to force us to toughen up to be able to survive the urban qualities.

Women know how hard it is to stay womanly in the world that necessitates them to toughen up. Every other aspect of life is asking as to keep a hard shell, so is the transportation. Northwoods ladies Springdale hybrid bicycle is the bike built for women so they can enjoy this femininity on a personal level.

Its petite exterior will complement you in any way, but it should not be underestimated, for it has the strength of a regular bicycle. It is offering you the best of both worlds, enabling you to commute so you can work leisurely or tackle tougher terrains, which necessitates a little more hard work.

Whom is This Kent Women Hybrid Bike Designed for?

  • Women
  • Ladies
  • Girls

Kent Northwoods Ladies Springdale Bicycle Features:

Northwoods ladies Springdale

  • Main Features700c Tyres and Aluminum bike frame

This bike’s frame is specifically crafted to support the woman body. Its seats and handlebars are designed in a way that you are sitting in an upright position and prevent any posture problems. It does not necessarily mean that it is not comfortable, not by long shots.

The 700c wheels of this bicycle make sure that you have a smooth ride on any kind of road and that there is nothing for you to worry about any bumps that may occur along the way.

The wheels and frame work together in order to give you optimum performance so that you will be able to handle those tricky bends and nasty potholes at every other turn, and you will look good doing it.

  • Linear brakes and alloy rims

The Springdale bicycle comes with the alloyed rims, which make sure that you will get the best cycling experience. This bike has linear brakes, which are better known as V-brakes. This commonly applied to extreme sports bikes.

  • 21-speed shifters

This Kent bike comes with 21 different gearing choices so that you will be able to tackle any kind of terrain that may come your way. It is enforced with Shimano technology, and this means that your rear derailleur is efficient and reliable all the time.

You are responsible for the speed of the bike so you will be able to take it down or speed it up anytime you want. Go slowly over those lush green fields in the park, race your way to your work during the morning commute, or kick these gears up to get over the steep incline hills.

  • Braking system

Even though this bike does not have quick release wheels, its advanced braking system makes up for this, ensuring not just a smooth and smooth ride, but also an all-around more responsive experience between you and your Springdale.

  • Premium Kent Hybrid Bike for Women

For the cost that you pay for the Kent Northwoods hybrid bike, you will really get a premium product, with a premium performance, at a premium cost.


Kent Northwoods Ladies Springdale Hybrid Bike Technical Details:

  • Bike Type- Road.
  • Brake Style- Disk Brakes.
  • Color- White.
  • Frame Material Type- Aluminum.
  • Item Dimensions- 36x25x72 inches.
  • Maximum Height- 185.42 Centimeters.
  • Minimum Height- 165.1 Centimeters.
  • Shipping Weight- 44.18 Pounds.
  • Standover Height- 71.12 Centimeters.
  • Wheel Size- 700 C.

Who Should Buy It:

Kent Northwoods Ladies Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid Bicycle is a perfect bike for average height ladies. If you are looking for light weight women hybrid bike for under $200. This is the best hybrid bike for you.

Things We Liked

Kent is continuously distributing and making bikes for many years, and their expertise has not been beaten. They are striving to serve the public in a way that is professional and put good old honest hard work in the products that they are producing. They are making cycling enjoyable and cost-effective at the same time but offering you a bike of the best quality.

Things We Didn’t Liked

The bike does not have quick release wheels.

Why should you buy Kent Northwoods Ladies Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid Bicycle ?

Kent is a great brand for the bike. Northwoods Ladies Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid Bicycle is an ideal bike for all types of women. It has a great featured for women. This bike price is under $200, it is the great price for all.

Kent Northwoods Ladies Springdale is a commuter bike with a comfortable and you can upright ride position. Northwoods Springdale bike frame made of aluminum so it is a lightweight bike for women. This bike has 700 c wheels, 21 speeds with a Shimano, alloy rims, quick release seat clamp, linear pull brakes, rear rack, and fenders.

It’s color is white so it looks sexy. If you looking a lightweight and comfortable bike under $200 dollars then Northwoods Springdale Women’s 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle is the best bike for you.

Frequently Answered Questions:

  • Q. Is there a manual provided along with the bike?
  • A. The product manual is included in the package, providing the users with a further understanding into not just how to build. But also to modify and repair the bike as necessary for increased performance.

Final Verdict on Kent Northwoods Ladies Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid Bicycle

Other than being cost-effective, you can be sure of the comfort of the quality of Kent Northwoods Ladies Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid Bike. This bike is offering premium quality parts along with impressive alloy rims. This bike may be the perfect choice to suit your needs.

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