Quietkat Voyager Folding Electric Bike Review & Features

A huge upgrade from the previous bandit, the new Quietkat Voyager, is a sight for sore eyes!

This unique Voyager features a folding frame that easily collapses for convenient storage in your homes, sheds, vans, and even RVs. The Voyager is made up of a 20inch wheel that makes it easy to go anywhere.

Available in two different shades, this amazing ride offers you a one size fits all situation, making this usable for almost all sizes and age groups.

Featuring a 750-watt motor, the Quietkat foldable electric bike offers a huge value for money.

Quietkat Voyager e-bike
  • Flawless folding mechanism
  • Range
  • Powerful
  • Sram shifters
  • Perfect suspension fork
  • Compact
  • Walk assist mode
  • Small wheels
  • Only blue color

Quietkat Voyager Folding Electric Bike Review

Who is Quietkat Voyager Foldable Electric Bike for

Electric bikes are here to stay, and their popularity is going through the roof.

Liberated from some of the constraints of a normal bike like weight and gears, the Quietkat folding e-bike designs are exploding. The Quietkat Voyager folding e-bike is all that you could imagine and so much more.

The beauty of these voyagers is that they make the joy of cycling accessible for so many people in multiple ways. You don’t even need to be physically fit to ride one they also significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels.

If you are an adventure lover and love going on road trips, this Voyager is meant to be your exploration buddy. Go through this Quietkat Voyager folding electric bike review to find out if this is what you are looking for or not.

Technical Details of Quietkat Voyager Folding Electric Bike

It is not easy to commit to an electric bike and making this decision can be super tough. Here is hoping this Quietkat Voyager review helps you out in the process.

Electric Motor & Power

The Quietkat Voyagerfeatures an electric motor of your choice. It can be 750-watt or 1000-watt, giving you a 20- 40-hour range. Voyager users can either padel through or simply use the throttle to power through their rides.

The pedals are connected to a 750-watt or 1000-watt torque sensored motor. This is an amazing feature; electric bikes have made biking more accessible than ever before. All you need to have now is the passion to bike and have fun

Battery & Range

Above the power-connected pedals, you have an 11 amp/hr. Panasonic lithium-ion battery. This battery is easily removable with just a turn of a key and lift of a handle. You can recharge this powerful battery pretty easily.

Furthermore, you can remove this to charge or swap this with something that will provide you with more range. Its 8lbs. charge level gauge fits in the optional saddlebags easily.

Quietkat voyager specs

Folding Frame & Dimensions

The Voyager is the unique lineup that Quietkat has. With a foldable frame that folds in half, it makes it super easy to store or transport on any other vehicle. The hinge at the center allows it to get folded in half.

The pedals and steering column also fold in for maximum portability. This is ideal if you are on the go and works amazingly on any off-road condition. Once folded, it is only 40” long, 35” tall, and 16” wide.

Brakes & Wheels

It features a 20”x4” inch Kenda Krusade fat bike tire and sports a performance level component setup, including a coil spring fork and two pistons mechanical disk brakes set up at the front side.

Moreover, the rear brakes activate through the convenient mechanism on the right handlebar. It also has a disc brake on the left side for the front wheel.

Comfort & Suspension

With a very contoured grip on the handlebars, it is very comfortable to hold.

Quietkat voyager features

The shifter has 3 different speeds and an optional LED light on the right side of the bars. The bicycle shifter is also present there on the right, again very easy and comfortable to access.

You also have a LED display in the center that tells you your speed and displays battery percentages. The voyager sports air suspension shocks right at the front wheel.


Right next to the handlebar, you have your bicycle shifter with 3 speeds and a gear indicator on the front. The Quietkat Voyager makes an amazing addition to your collection.

Price & Warranty

Priced between $2,899-$2.999, the Quietkat Voyager electric foldable bike has a one-year warranty and amazing customer support. You can take this off on your adventures without any worries!

Quietkat Voyager Folding Electric Bike Specifications

Motor750-Watt Hub Drive Motor (Class 2)
Battery11.6AH/48V 557WH
RangeUp To 48 Miles
Folded Dimensions40″ long x 34″ tall x 16″ wide
TiresKenda Krusade 20”x4” Fat-tires
BrakeMechanical Disc – 203mm Rotor
SuspensionFront Fork Coil Suspension
Number Of SpeedsSRAM 7 Speed
Wheel Diameter20"
Weight54 Pounds
Frame Size15"
Weight Limit325 Pounds

Extra Accessories You Can Get with Quietkat Voyager Folding Bike

To start with, you can get a wheeled carry case for the folded bike for around $80 extra.

But this is not all.

The Voyager comes in 4 amazing kits that all have a variety of accessories you can buy with your bike.

Urban Commute Kit

The Urban commute kit is your basic day-to-day solution to commute in safety and style.

With this, you have options to add a weatherproof handlebar cargo bag, a premium bike cover, a kinekt premium suspension seat post, and an explorer 2000 LED light.

Quietkat cover premium

All these accessories are priced differently between $89 – $250.

Angler’s Kit

Next, you have your Anglers Kit. With this, you can hit those lakes and streams around you pretty easily.

In this kit, you have an option to add accessories like:

  • a cargo trailer
  • dry pack
  • cargo cooler
  • and a pair of rhino grips

All these accessories are also priced between $29 – $389.

Quietkat dry pack

Overland Kit

For those of you who never want to stop exploring, you have your overland kit. This kit comes with three different accessories ranging from $50 – $700. These include a tire liner, a portable solar charging station, and a dry pack.

Ultimate Hunter Kit

Quietkat has the ultimate hunter kit loaded with accessories like tire liner, grip HD rack, and a single-wheel cargo trailer for all you hunters out there.

All these range from $50- $389.

4 Best QuietKat Voyager Alternatives

One common problem hunters face while scaling the ground is the sound; hunting electric bikes with fat tires rids you of this concern.

Apart from the QuietKat Voyager, here are some other alternatives that might be of interest to you:

Quietkat 750 Bandit Folding Frame Electric Bike

Quietkat 750 Bandit Hunting bike

The Quietkat bandit folds up easily and quickly for convenient storage and transport.

An 11.6-amp Panasonic lithium-ion battery provides an average of 2 miles/amp hour, which equals around 23 miles/charge. The motor provides pedal assist power and is also equipped with a plus thumb throttle.

The bandit also has a wide range 7-speed gearing system paired with mechanical disk brakes and 203 mm rotors to conquer a variety of terrains, the coil suspension fork features 80 mm thick, and 4-and-a-half-inch fat bike tires provide great traction in every condition from soft, sand, or snow to hard rocky trails.

In addition, the bandit can carry up to 300lbs plus an additional 100 lbs. on the quietkat trailers. Compatible with a variety of accessories, this has you set for all your amazing adventures.


Emojo lynx ultra 500w ebike

This electric bike is suitable for adults and anyone who wants a convenient ride for daily use. It features a powerful 750-watt motor inside the rear wheel that gives an impressive performance.

You can ride uphill or over bumps easily. In addition, it has a top speed of 20 miles per hour, getting you to your destinations pretty quick.

You can speed it up to 30 miles on a single charge with its 48 volts, 10.4 Ah power pack consisting of lithium-ion batteries. Featuring a twist throttle and 3 different levels of pedal assist, this foldable electric bike can do wonders for you.


Emojo lynx pro 750 bike

With a sturdy alloy frame paired with a 750-watt electric motor and a robust 10.4 amp/hour battery, this bike can go a long speed of 30 miles/ hour, making it possible for lengthy day-to-day trips. It has a set of 20”x4” flat tires that allows it to travel on almost all kinds of tracks.

With a simple foldable mechanism that allows more portability, easy storage, and taking the least amount of space, the Emojo is one of the most compact folding electrical bikes out there.

Nakto 500W Ox Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike


The Nakto Steady OX offers excellent day-to-day performance with a carbon steel frame, front fork suspension, premium fat bike tires, and front brake paired with a rear disc brake.

Because of this, it makes an excellent mode of transport for everyday commute at a very reasonable price.

FAQs about QuietKat Voyager

How fast is Quietkat Voyager electric bike?

The bike can range up to 40 miles at a top speed of 20 miles per hour when fully charged.

Where is Quietkat Voyager made?

The Quietkat Voyager is made in the USA.

Is Quietkat Voyager electric folding bike waterproof?

Yes, this electric bike is waterproof.

QuietKat Voyager electric bike

Final Words

Listing our top 4 alternatives for electric folding bikes was challenging because it is very difficult to get you something even remotely similar to the Quitekat Voyager foldable electrical bike.

So here’s hoping this review made your choice easier; even though you have multiple options out there, nothing beats what the Voyager has to offer you.

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