Raleigh Bicycles Redux 1 City Bike Review

If you’re looking for a high-quality bicycle, one that is durable, versatile and looks super nice too, you have come to the right place. Let’s take a closer look at the Raleigh Redux Bike right here and now with this in-depth Raleigh Redux review.

For who is RALEIGH Bicycles Redux 1 City Bike meant for ?

The Raleigh Redux Bike is the kind of bike built for people who are serious about biking and go everywhere on their bike. It’s not a racing bike and it’s not designed to hit breakneck speeds, but it does have a very lightweight and super-durable frame.

The Raleigh Redux Bike is designed to be very durable and long-lasting, so it’s ideal for people who want to bike everywhere. It’s not the cheapest bike around, but everything about screams quality.

RALEIGH Redux review 1 City Bike

Raleigh Redux Review : Summary of Features

The Raleigh Redux Bike does of course have a number of great features. The high-quality pedals are super durable and have great non-slip studs on them. The gear shifter is also very high quality and ergonomically placed, though there are only 8 gears, so it’s not exactly a speed bike.

However, the lightweight and super durable aluminum frame is not something to look down your nose at, and the high-quality disc brakes definitely produce a heck of a lot of stopping power.

  • Non-slip metal pedals
  • Very durable build
  • Lightweight frame
  • Great stopping power
  • Good mix of speed and power
  • Ideal road tires

  • Tires don’t have much traction
  • A bit expensive
  • Not built for breakneck speeds

Features of RALEIGH Bicycles Redux 1 City Bike

The Raleigh Redux Bike may quite expensive, but has lots of notable and high-quality features. You get what you pay for, and here you get a high-quality bike with premium features and components that put many other bikes to shame. Let’s continue our Raleigh Redux Review and take a look at its best features right now.

  • Aluminium Frame

One thing worth noting about the Raleigh Redux Bike is that it comes with a really high-quality aluminum frame, one of the better ones on the market right now.

The frame is very lightweight, which can also be said for the bike as a whole. It’s actually one of the lighter bikes on the market right now, making it a great option for reaching top speeds using minimal energy, and it can be carried up a flight of stairs too.

At the same time however, it’s also one of the more durable and long-lasting frames on the market right now. It’s always great when something like the Raleigh Redux Bike is both durable and lightweight.

  • Disk Brake

Another item of note on the Raleigh Redux Bike is the set of disc brakes it comes with. Sure, good old linear brakes work just fine for basic situations, but they are not the best for stopping power.

The high-quality disc brakes included with the Raleigh Redux Bike do provide maximum stopping power, even when travelling at really high speeds. Of course, that translates to a high level of safety. These disc brakes are also extremely durable and don’t require very much maintenance. The Tektro MD-M280 mechanical disc is doing the job perfectly.

  • 8-Speed Gear Shimano System

The next feature worth talking about is that this bike has a total of 8 gears and features a Shimano Acera shifter and gears. The shifter is very easy to use and is designed to be ergonomically friendly, which is a pretty big deal. The components used are all very durable and high quality.

Now, 8 speeds are fine to have in the city and you can still achieve a decent speed, but it’s not like this is a racing bike. It can go fast enough, but it’s designed for more casual biking as it’s not a 21-speed racing bike.

  • Wheels & Tires 

Another feature that needs to be covered here is the wheels and tires. Now, the wheels are fairly large, more than big enough to allow you to achieve some decent speeds with relative ease, so you don’t have to pedal your legs off to get somewhere. Plus, the wheels are made with high-quality components too.

When it comes to the tires, they are fairly narrow, so they are quite speedy and good for acceleration. They don’t have the best grip pattern or traction though, so they are not the best for off-roading or slippery conditions.

  • Pedals

Another thing worth noting about the Raleigh Redux Bike is that the pedals are of a very high quality. Here, you get full metal pedals, not some plastic junk pedals, so you know that they will indeed last for years to come. On that same note, the studs on the pedals are designed to provide maximum grip, so your feet don’t slip around on them.

Technical Details of RALEIGH Bicycles Redux 1 City Bike

Gender Men
Wheel Size27.5"
Frame Size4 sizes available
Age GroupAdult
Brake Stylelinear pull,
Frame MaterialAluminum
Number Of Gears8
Weight26 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is the weight of this bike ?
  • A. The bike is lightweight. It weighs 26lbs.
  • Q. What kind of tube valve for this hybrid bike?
  • A. The bike i sold with presta valves
  • Q. Regarding the breaks, does this bike come with a cassette or freewheel ?
  • A. The Raleigh Redux city bike comes with a cassette.

Alternative to Consider: Batch Bicycles 27.5″ Lifestyle Hybrid Bike

Batch Bicycles 27-5 Lifestyle hybrid Bike black

Alright, so if you’re looking for a super all terrain bike, then the Raleigh Redux Bike might not be your number-one choice. If you are looking for something versatile, you might want to check out the Batch Bicycles 27.5″ Lifestyle Hybrid Bike.

Simply put, this is an hybrid bike and everything about it, from the lightweight frame and the wide 27.5″ tires to the frame design and high-quality Shimano gear system is made to propel you to speeds you never thought possible.

Final Thoughts on this Raleigh Redux Review

So, the Raleigh Redux Bike is a really nice option to go with as far as we are concerned. It’s a fairly expensive bike (check also our selection of best hybrid bike under 1000$) , but it’s also very durable and versatile too. It’s a long-lasting option that’s great for people who want to bike everywhere but don’t need to go at top speed all the time.

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