Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber Electric Hunting Bike Review

Looking for a powerful hunting e-bike that gives you a longer range? You’ll be appalled by the Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber XPC Electric Hunting Bike. Designed with performance and quality in mind, the Rebel Truetimber is one of Rambo’s most powerful e-bikes. This is the bike for serious hunters who want value for money.

Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber XPC Electric Hunting Bike review
  • Powerful
  • Astonishing range
  • Reliable hydraulic disc brakes
  • 12 month warranty
  • Air suspension fork
  • Not all wheel drive
  • Avoid mud

Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber XPC Electric Hunting Bike Review

Who is the Rambo Rebel 100W Truetimber XPC Electric Hunting Bike For?

The Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber XPC Electric Hunting Bike is only for serious hunters. If your hunting grounds are far from where you live, this is the bike for you. It has a max range of 48 miles, perfect for long round-trips. This is the bike for those who want value for money and are looking for a high-quality, reliable e-bike for hunting season.

For people who ride on wet, muddy, or snowy roads, this isn’t for them. But it is powerful enough to traverse through brush and grass.

Technical Details of Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber XPC ELectric Hunting Bike

That was just the overview of the Rambo Rebel. In this Rambo Rebel 1000W review, we will go over the technical details one by one. So, let’s get started!

Electric Motor & Battery

The Rambo Rebel 1000W uses a Bafangs BBSHD 1000-watt mid-drive motor. It has a peak power rating of 1500 watts and produces a maximum torque of 160 Nm. This is enough to give a powerful punch to the rider as soon as they start the bike.

With a motor this powerful, you need an even more powerful battery. The long-range Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber uses integrated Li-ion batteries. These can be upgraded to 21-Ah batteries. The 21 Ah version is for covering longer ranges. And it takes about 8 hours to charge on a standard 2 amp charger.

Speed & Range

Rambo Rebel features an 11-speed derailleur that lends you the power and speed you need. In addition, a simple thumb throttle lets you ride the bike at your desired pace. And a left handlebar control enables you to adjust the motor’s power.

Additionally, the battery gives you a range of 48 miles. So, to cut to the chase, it’s enough for a trip to your local hunting ground and back.

The sturdiness of the Frame

Rambo rebel electric bike frame

A sturdy frame makes for a stable and balanced ride. With the Rambo Rebel 1000W, you get an aluminum alloy frame. Aluminum is an excellent choice since it’s physically stronger than other metals. And it doesn’t rust like iron. It is prone to corrosion, but it’s usually superficial.

In addition to that, the heavy battery pack is placed lower on the bike’s frame. As a result, the bike has a low center of gravity, which prevents it from wobbling or toppling over.

And considering the frame can hold a maximum of 300 pounds, it’s more than enough for this price range.

Warranty Details

Rambo has a limited lifetime warranty on the frame for faulty artistry and material defects. However, this lifetime warranty is non-transferable and is limited to the original owner. And it doesn’t apply to the front forks and suspension forks.

Other than that, the rest of the bike has a 12-month limited warranty. However, some parts of the bike are not warranted against general wear and tear. Additionally, you must register the bike with Rambo Bikes. Otherwise, you will get no warranty benefits at all.

Brakes & Tires

Rambo rebel hunting e-bike tires

The Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber XPC Electric Hunting Bike uses Tektro HD-E725 brakes. Each brake is hydraulic and has 4 pistons. The front brakes use the 203 mm version, and the rear brakes use the 180 mm version. Tektro’s brakes are quite reliable. And considering they’re hydraulic, you can expect a superior braking experience.

As for the tires, they’re Maxxis Minion FBR 26″ tires. The main benefit of 26″ tires is that they allow for a smaller bike without compromising performance. And since it uses double-wall rims, the wheels are a lot sturdier and can sustain some damage.

Suspension & Handling

Performance is one thing, but no one wants to compromise on comfort. Luckily, the Rambo Rebel electric bike uses a strong and reliable fork. To be more precise, it uses the GT 860 Air Suspension fork.

Air suspensions are better known for their reduced noise, lesser wear and tear, and lesser bounce. Plus, they improve the riding height and allow for higher corner speeds. However, they’re quite prone to damage and failure and very hard and costly to repair.

All in all, the handling is spot-on for a bike in this price range. But suspension maintenance is a major concern.

LCD Screen

For smarter road diagnostics, the Rambo Rebel features a fully integrated LCD screen. The screen displays vitals like your trip distance, power, speed, and battery level. It’s a little perk that comes with owning a high-quality electric bike.

The LCD panel is a great way to monitor the battery level. This comes in handy when you’re out hunting. You want to know if your bike can take you home or if it needs a full charge. It also shows you the current time, so you know to go home before dark.

Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber XPC Electric Hunting Bike Specifications

MotorBafang 1,000W BBSHD High Torque Mid Drive
Battery48V 21AH
RangeUp To 48 Miles
TiresMaxxis Minion 26" by 4.8"
BrakeTektro Hydraulic (Front 203mm/Rear 180mm)
SuspensionFork - GT 860 Air Suspension
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy 6061
DerailleurSRAM NX 1X11
Number Of Speeds11
Wheel Diameter26"
Weight69 Pounds
Frame Size19"
Weight Limit300 Pounds

Extra Accessories You Can Get with Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber XPC Electric Hunting Bike

You don’t get any accessories with the bike. However, you can buy some from their official website. They have a diverse catalog of fenders to keep your bike safe from mud. And you can even find replacement batteries. They also offer maintenance tools and a few other replacement parts.

Those who carry many hunting equipment will surely like the racks and bags they have to offer. If you use a car to tow your bike to the hunting ground, check out the trailers and carriers they have.

3 More Affordable & Less Powerful Alternatives

Is the Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber too expensive for you? Not to worry. Here are a few similar bikes that are more affordable at the cost of power and speed.

2020 Rambo Roamer 750W XC Electric Hunting Bike

The Rambo Roamer is a mud bike that houses a powerful 750-watt motor and a 14-Ah battery. With its 5 speed derailleur and extreme weather performance, the bike can reach up to 35 miles in a single charge. Much like the Rebel, the Roamer too features an LCD.

Rambo Bushwacker 750W XPC Truetimber Electric Hunting Bike

The Rambo Bushwacker is a 750-watt hunting bike that features 5 speed options and a 38-mile range. It’s the best cheap Rambo electric hunting bike for its performance and affordability. Under this range, the fact that it uses hydraulic brakes is quite surprising.

Rambo Nomad 750W XPU11 Urban Electric Hunting Bike

For those who prefer hunting in the snow, try the Rambo Nomad. It uses a 750-watt motor-assisted by a 14-Ah battery. Its tires are designed to provide maximum traction and control when on the snow. And with its 11-speed gear set, there’s no terrain the Nomad can’t conquer.

Is There An All Wheel Drive Rambo E-bike?

Megatron e-bike

Yes, there is the Rambo Megatron 1000W X2WD Electric Hunting Bike. It features an all-wheel-drive powered by 2 separate 1000-watt motors. The motor and all of the bike’s electronics are backed up by a 17-Ah battery that can last for 80 miles. This is the best bike for rougher terrains such as cross-country roads and off-road trails.

Unfortunately, it’s quite expensive but worth the money. And it only has the one-speed option, which is a bit of a let-down.

But all things aside, this Rambo electric bike with 2-wheel drive is a definitive beast on and off the road.


How fast is Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber XPC Electric Hunting Bike?

The exact max speed varies with the rider’s weight. But it averages about 20-30 mph.

What is the most powerful Rambo electric bike for hunting?

The Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber XPC is Rambo’s most powerful mid-drive electric hunting bike.

How far can I go with the Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber XPC Electric Hunting Bike?

With the Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber, you can achieve a max distance of 48 miles on a full charge.


The Rambo Rebel 1000W Truetimber XPC Electric Hunting Bike is one of the best and most effective choices for hunters. With its 1000-watt mid-drive motor and 48-mile max range, the bike stands as one of Rambo’s best assets. It’s best suited for use on sand and paved roads. And it has excellent performance off the road as well.

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