Retrospec Beaumont Lady’s Commuter Bike Review 

Biking around the town is fun; it gives you the freedom to breathe fresh air, meditate, and exercise. Before you reap these benefits though, you’ll need a good-quality bike. There are so many choices out there, but here’s one product that is worth the price—the Retrospec Beaumont Lady’s Commuter Bike.

Shopping for a bike involves some factors to consider. One of them is the kind of bike suited for your intended use. Will you explore the mountains or bike along concrete pavements? How often and how far will you ride? For biking around short distances or running errands, the Retrospec Beaumont bike is an excellent choice.

Retrospec Beaumont Seven Speed Lady Urban City commuter Bike review 2019

For who Retrospec Beaumont Lady’s Commuter Bike is made for ?

The Retrospec Beaumont bike is best suited for cruising through the urban alleys, parks, and other paved surfaces. A lot of bikers get attracted to its unique style, but more than its design are the best-selling features such as construction and shifters.

Retrospec Beaumont 7 Seven Speed Lady Urban City commuter Bike frame

Features of Retrospec Beaumont Lady’s Commuter Bike

If we take a closer look at the Retrospec Beaumont bike, you will understand why it is one of the best city bikes that you will ever come across with. Will its features be enough to match your personal needs?

  • Strong Construction

The Retrospec Beaumont bike is constructed with heavy-duty materials that can last for years. The materials are high-tensile strength steel finished with different colors to choose from. Paired with the strong build are parts that provide safety and complete control of your ride.

This bike features Shimano rear derailleur and RevoShift grip shifter that provides smooth, fast, and safe transitions. Altering the gears is quick and secure through the RevoShift shifters that are strategically located on the handlebars. At the back of the bike is a durable steel rack that can accommodate loads such as a bag, a basket, and more.

Another safety feature is the front and back alloy brakes, which instantly follow your grip control. The brakes ensure that the bike stops right when you need it. The brakes combined with the Shimano seven-speed drive train and RevoShift shifter create a comfortable, safe riding experience in the city.

The controls are all situated on the handlebar, making them easily accessible while you’re on the go. With this design, you are in complete control while you bike. This mechanism is crucial for any personal mobility equipment.

  • Design

The frame makes up the majority of the design. It has a retro touch that will bring you back to the 1960s. The vintage paint craft is matched with a pleasant saddle, fancy grips, fenders, and mid-century-inspired bell. Plus, it comes in five colors to choose from: black, black/white, mint, olive, and eggshell.

The design is perfect for any age and style. Whether you’re wearing a skirt, jeans, shorts, or even on smart casual attire, this bike will complement your look. It’s a beautiful city bike that people will admire and will let you stand out among the crowd.

  • Retrospec Beaumont Tires

The 700 by 35C Kenda tires have a solid grip on the ground. With the shock-absorption feature, these tires are the primary reason for a comfortable ride. Aside from that, they also add safety for providing sure-footed ride every time you bike around.

Moreover, the Retrospec Beaumont bike comes pre-assembled. In fact, about 85% of the parts are already built, so you only need to finish putting it up. The assembly tools and instruction manual come with the package to help you with the assembly.

Retrospec Beaumont 7 Seven Speed Lady Urban City commuter Bike seat

  • Vintage frame and design
  • Quick and smooth transition
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Stylish enough to complement any attire
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • No pictures for installation
  • The chains may rub the chain guard

Summary of the Features

What people will first notice from the Retrospec Beaumont Lady’s Commuter Bike is its retro-style that will give you a feeling of the good old times. It is available in seven colors to choose from.

The craftsmanship of the handle, grip, seat, and bell adds up to the bike’s stylish look. The back seat complements the style too, but more than that, it provides a place for an optional basket and other loads.

More than the style is the durable construction. Plus, the shifters are reliable and follow according to your control and transition. The same is valid with the brakes that add safety and complete control over your ride. The tires help reduce shock and have a solid grip on the ground.

Retrospec Beaumont Lady Urban City commuter Bike blue

Retrospec Beaumont Lady’s Commuter Bike Specs

Gender Women
Age GroupAdult
Wheel Diameter26"
TiresKenda Kwest 700 x 35c
Brake StyleAlloy Dual Caliper Brake
Frame MaterialSteel
SaddleSynthetic Leather
Number Of Speeds7
ShifterRevoshift Grip-Twist Shifter
DeraileurShimano TX35
Weight limit250 pounds

Comparison with Another Bike Sixthreezero Ride in the Park

If you’re looking for another option, one good bike to consider is the Sixthreezero Ride in the Park Women’s City Road Bicycle. It has a similar frame with the Retrospec bike but boasts a more modern touch. It is available in light colors: teal blue, navy blue, cream, and teal. Just like the Retrospec bike, it is designed with comfort, ease, and style in mind.

The best feature of the Sixthreezero bike is the seven-speed external derailleur. This is adjustable to accommodate different modes of rides such as long-distance and relaxed biking.

Made with a lightweight aluminum frame, riding is easy and comfortable. The 700 by 32C tires with shock-resistant feature and protected by dual-walled rims also provide comfort and safety. Similar to the Retrospec Bike, the Sixthreezero has front and rear brakes that you can completely control. It has a rack on the back that serves as a provision for a basket or a place for other loads.

Both best hybrid bikes have similar dimensions and can accommodate medium-sized riders. Nonetheless, the Retrospec Beaumont bike has more advantage when it comes to the stylish design, affordable price, and patented shifters.

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 26-Inch 7-Speed Step-Through Touring Hybrid Bicycle

Verdict on Retrospec Beaumont Lady’s Commuter Bike

Whether you are running errands or leisurely cruising the park, the Retrospec Beaumont Lady’s Commuter Bike is an excellent mode of personal transport to use around the city. It provides not only eco-friendly transportation and active lifestyle but also a stylish, comfortable ride.

Made with durable construction, it can carry a reasonable amount of weight and last for long years. You may compare it with other city bikes, but its features stand out among the rest. It is considered one of Retrospec’s innovative products committed to improving outdoor lifestyle and affordable transport.

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