Schwinn GTX Hybrid Bike Review : All Around Comfort Bike

In this Schwinn GTX Hybrid bike review we will find out does this bike lives up to all the hype or not.

Schwinn is a top-quality bicycle brand that is well-known for the quality and durability of its bikes. Apart from that, the company is very popular because it has a wide array of different types of bikes including hybrid, cruiser, and mountain bikes.

The GTX Series is the best-sellers by Schwinn and has some of the best hybrid bikes by the brand. Schwinn not only makes quality bikes for men but for women as well. But does it perform as the company claims?

  • Available for both men and women
  • Quality parts (Suntour, Shimano)
  • Great comfortable saddle
  • Strong frame, stable suspension, and adjustable bike height
  • Can be used as a fitness, sport or commuter bike

  • Does not arrived fully assembled
  • Fenders are in option

Schwinn GTX Hybrid Bike Review

Who is Schwinn GTX made for?

Schwinn GTX bike is a hybrid model and it is designed for anyone who likes to ride on different terrains. It can work as your mountain bikes and as your road bike.

It essentially provides you with the best of both worlds but it doesn’t exceed the expectations in either because it is not a specialist bike. However, you can conveniently use it to ride around the neighborhoods for errands and short-distance commuting. 

Hybrid bikes come with padded large seats and upright handlebars to ensure a comfortable riding experience. Therefore, these bikes are a top choice for casual riding.

Technical Details of The Schwinn GTX Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes are suitable for a wide variety of riding purposes. Most users prefer these types of bikes because they provide all-purpose functionality. Users prefer to go for such versatile bikes as they can get the most value out of their investment.

The Schwinn GTX hybrid bike comes with an aluminum frame and also features a 21-speed suspension fork for better speed and control. For better braking power, it comes with double mechanical disc brakes and multi-terrain tires.

Let’s discuss these features in detail and see how the Schwinn GTX bike lives up to all the expectations.

Strong Frame and Design

The first thing on our Schwinn GTX hybrid bike review is its frame and design.

The GTX comes with an aluminum frame that is strongly built and has a sleek design. It is a strong frame that will hold the bike together no matter what surface you are riding it on.

It will continue to perform for many years to come. Additionally, this sturdy 20-inch frame is designed to accommodate different riders with ranging body weight. So, you don’t have to worry about the risk of your bike falling apart.

However, one thing you will notice this bike is not very lightweight even though Schwinn has used aluminum alloy in the construction of its frame. It weighs around 32 lbs and if you are a weak or frail rider you will experience difficulty in handling and maneuvering your GTX.

Handlebar & Seat

Next up in this Schwinn GTX hybrid bike review is the handlebar and seat.

This bike surely is heavy but to assist in easy maneuvering, Schwinn has used lightweight metal material in the construction of its stem and handlebar. Therefore, you can conveniently direct your bike without any issues. The lightweight construction of this handle ensures precision control.

It also comes with an upright seat saddle and plays a significant role in keeping your back pain and numbness to a minimum. And that is the case even if you continue to ride your bike for long hours. It is all due to the fully adjustable seat system to make sure you can enjoy a strain-free riding experience.

This seat system will keep your sitting posture well-positioned and you won’t have to deal with any pains. The saddle is properly cushioned as well and your buttocks won’t feel numb even after a long riding session.

Reliable Suspension System

The suspension system of this bike sets it apart from other hybrid bikes. It comes with a front suspension system. It features an alloy-based fork system to ensure a smoother riding experience on various terrains. It is designed to dampen the vibrations no matter where you are riding your Schwinn GTX.

This system can conveniently absorb all the shack and vibrations from underneath the tires and you won’t have to suffer from any road impact. So, no matter what terrain you are riding, your Schwinn GTX will make your riding experience extremely comfortable.

Gearing and Speed

Schwinn has used Shimano derailleur on the rear end of this bike to ensure your riding experience remains smooth on different terrains.

The 21-speed gearing system features trigger shifters to climb over hills and go down smoothly without any hiccups. And with this kind of wide speed range to get the opportunity to decide between low speed commuting or zipping through at high speeds.

The gear shifting mechanism is quite smooth and you won’t have any trouble shifting through the gears. Even with a slight push, this system is precise during the shuffling process.

Schwinn GTX Braking System

The braking system is crucial for any bike and needs to be of top quality to ensure the bike can stop on a dime. The quality of this baking system has to be there no matter what type of bike you have. It guarantees maximum safety for the riders.

Considering the importance of the safety of the rider, Schwinn has installed double mechanical brakes to ensure maximum control over the bike. You can comfortably ride your bike with a sense of security your bike will stop whenever you need it.

All terrain Wheels and Tires

Schwinn GTX comes with 28-inch wide alloy wheels to provide you with maximum comfort as well as safety of the rider. The bike comes with 700C multipurpose tires that are pretty effortless to steer while pedaling.

It also means you will need less effort and pressure while turning them. Most of the hybrid bikes usually come with smaller tires. It makes riding and maneuvering quite difficult, but that is not the case with the Schwinn GTX hybrid bicycle.

The tires that Schwinn has used come with various treads to ensure proper ground-gripping. You don’t have to worry about skidding.

Schwinn GTX Specifications

GenderMen and Women
Wheel Diameter28"
Tires700 c
Age GroupAdult
BrakeMechanical disc brakes
SuspensionSchwinn alloy suspension
Frame MaterialAluminium
StemAdjustable aluminum
ForkSR Suntour M3020
ShiftersShimano Altus
Number Of Speeds 21
SaddleSchwinn vinyl comfort
Weight32 pounds
Dimensions67" x 24.5" x 40"

Difference between GTX 1, GTX 2, GTX 3 and GTX Elite

None of these hybrid bikes by Schwinn are bad. But they have some unique features to make them better in various circumstances. But there are only a few differences between these bikes and usually, they are all the same more or less.

Schwinn GTX1 vs GTX3

The Schwinn GTX 1 comes with an aluminum alloy frame that ranges from 16-inch to 20-inch. This bike comes with 700C tires and features 21-speed shifters.

The Schwinn Adult GTX 3 Hybrid also comes with all these features and a full suspension fork system at both front and rear ends. It means this bike is more comfortable to ride on different terrains. However, the GTX 3 is only available in 17.5-inch 20-inch frames.

Schwinn GTX1 vs GTX2

Again, there is not much difference between the two models when we talk about the accessories and most of the specs. They both come with Schwinn GTX 700C tires with almost the same features.

The only difference between the two models is the GTX 1 comes with an aluminum frame that ranges in size from 16-inch to 20-inch.

Whereas, the Schwinn Adult GTX 2 Hybrid Bike comes with frame sizes range from 16-inch to 28-inch just like Schwinn Dual Sport GTX. Apart from that, there is a price difference, with the GTX 2 being slightly more experienced than GTX 1.

Schwinn GTX3 vs GTX Elite

All the features associated with different Schwinn GTX parts including seat, handlebar, shifter, suspension fork, brakes, etc. are similar in both these bike models.

The Schwinn Men’s GTX 3 hybrid bikes are only available in two frame sizes and that is 17.5-inch and 20-inch. While the Schwinn GTX Elite is only available in an 18-inch bike frame size. There is no other frame size available in GTX Elite and you are pretty much limited in that department.

Is there a Schwinn Women’s GTX Hybrid Bike Version?

If you go through the Schwinn GTX womens hybrid bike review you will notice the company has designed the bike both for men and women apart from the frame geometry and size. And the reason for that is the fully adjustable seat of these bikes. You can also make adjustments to the handlebar according to your physical needs and requirements.

There are not many hybrid bike models available on the market with this much customizability. You just need to pick the right version according to your overall body weight and size.

The difference between Schwinn GTX 3 womens and men’s model is due to the bike frame size. The rest of the accessories are all the same.

FAQs on Schwinn GTX Hybrid Bike

What is the Schwinn GTX 2 weight?

The overall weight of this bike is around 33 lbs when fully assembled.

What size tires are on a Schwinn GTX 3?

The Schwinn GTX 3 Schwinn comes with 700C tires that roll pretty smoothly on different terrains.

How to raise the handlebars on a Schwinn GTX?

You just need to pull the protective cap off right where the stem edge is present. Loosen the bolt of the stem with the help of a 6mm Allen wrench and then raise or lower the handlebar.

Do you have to assemble the Schwinn GTX bike?

Yes, you will have to assemble those front wheels, handlebar, pedals, and seat all by yourself. And of course, you will have to check the gearing system along with the brake system to make sure everything is working fine. You can do all of this comfortably by following the assembly guide that Schwinn provides with your purchase.

Comparison with Schwinn Vantage Hybrid Bike

schwinn vantage hybrid bike compared

Schwinn Vantage is another hybrid bike series by Schwinn. If you are looking for more variety in speed shifting systems the Vantage will work well for you as it comes with 18 to 24-speed systems. The GTX series is available in 21-speed and 24-speed models only.

Apart from that, the GTX series has a dual mechanical brake system while the Vantage series features a disc brake system. Another difference between the two-bike series is, the GTX features 700C tires while the Vantage series features 35C tires. 700C tires are better suited for multiple terrains while 35C tires are better suited for hard or paved surfaces. The GTX Hybrid series is a lot closer to the Schwinn GTX mountain bike series.

But the primary difference is, the Vantage series hybrid bikes are much lighter than the GTX Series. There is not much difference between the two in terms of materials used but the overall difference in diameter of the tube makes it lighter in the case of the Vantage series.

Final Word on Schwinn GTX hybrid bike review

After going through the Schwinn GTX hybrid bike review and its comparison with other models, we can conclude it is a bike for multipurpose riding. It can handle rough terrain as well as paved roads.

The only thing is, these bikes are quite heavy but this factor also contributes to better gripping and steering. You won’t be able to maneuver it smoothly because the bike is not designed to achieve that purpose either.

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