Schwinn Suburban Comfort Hybrid Bike Review : Bike for Comfort & Control

Schwinn is one of the rare and few cycle-making companies that has survived a glorious century-plus period. Backed by German pedigree and precision, this reputed American bike manufacturer stands for the most popular bicycle machines in the industry. And Schwinn Suburban Comfort Hybrid Bike review tells you the story of the best one in the Schwinn line up meant for robust strength, great quality, striking looks, and comfortable riding.

To be precise, this Schwinn bike can atop the shortlist of the best hybrid bikes by virtue of providing true value for your investment. We have come across Schwinn Suburban hybrid bike nearly all the best comfort bikes reviews for everything this biking package offers. Here you go with an in-depth analysis of the stand-apart features.

Schwinn Suburban Comfort Hybrid Bike review

  • Sleek design and stylish look
  • Top-quality parts
  • Overall comfort
  • Strong body, stable ride, and adjustable bike height
  • Provide you with riding freedom
  • Terrible assembly but can be easy with a pro mechanic
  • Lack of offenders
  • Poor welding

Schwinn Suburban Comfort Hybrid 26″ Bike Review

Who is Schwinn Suburban made for?

Schwinn Suburban Comfort hybrid bike offers comfort frame and saddle, suspension fork, and more to provide the cruisers and commuters with comfort, stable, and maneuverable riding and cycling experience. 21-speed shifters combined with Shimano derailleur offers rapid and easy gear change for smoother riding. In the same line, the brakes are what you refer to a hybrid bicycle for. Let’s take a deep look at some of the wow features Schwinn takes immense pride in and you should be allured to opt for.

Technical Details of The Schwinn Suburban Hybrid Bike

The bike is made to meets the needs of all kind of consumers. After extensive research and testing, I put Schwinn men’s hybrid bike as one of the best durable bikes in this era.

  • Medium size 26″ wheels supported by light & durable rims
  • 21-speed shifters and Shimano back derailleur
  • Alloy linear haul brakes for precise & crisp stoppage
  • Adjustable seat and frame for riders of different height
  • Comfortable seat and ergonomic grips for a soft and smooth ride
  • Sturdy steel material

Stable & Sturdy Frame

Carbon-fiber or titanium are common materials for hybrid bike frames. But going against the go of the day, this traditional cycle sticks to its steel frame. And so it is sturdier than the rival bicycles. This sturdier bicycle ensures riding comfort and stability. But it will not break your hand while you need to drag along for the ergonomy grip and adjustable handlebar.

Adjustable Handlebar & Seat

In line with a lightweight and comfortable frame, this hybrid bike comes designed with an adjustable handlebar to enable you to ride sitting in an upright position. This is just great for cruising around the city in the afternoon and enjoying the beauty around and along your terrain. But your back and spine will have to absorb riding shock as the city streets will not give you smooth ride all along the road.

Moreover, the 18″ steel frame is adjustable to riders of different heights. The adjustability is further strengthened with the flexible seat. You will find the seat adjust your height after several rides.

Suspension Fork

To your ease and comfort, it comes equipped with the front suspension fork that contributes to making the ride even smoother. Therefore, you can enjoy commuting without inviting back pain despite the upright position while on the move.

schwinn SuburbanAL front suspension

Secure Braking System

You can stop moving at will thanks to the alloy linear-pull brakes both rear and front end. You can even apply crisp braking in any weather even when the rims are wet and muddy. And the strong rims will not grow rusty and decay for they are strong alloy type.  The brakes are better to be called the secure stopping power for the guaranteed safety and immediate action.

21-speed Shifters & Shimano Derailleur

The Schwinn Suburban Hybrid bike features micro-shift seven-speed shifter and top quality Shimano rear derailleur. Backed by these, you can enjoy the smoother ride thanks to the easier, faster gear, and above all the seamless gear change. And they are a breeze when replacement is an inevitable and must requirement.

Comfortable Seat, Ergonomic Grips and Sleek Design

The pleasant surprise is the comfortable bike seat backed by the support and padded by the quality cushion. It will not leave your butt sore even after a prolonged ride. If you are accustomed to mountain bikes, the shifting in riding machine will not create an issue. This top-notch comfort seat along with the ergonomy grips make your ride smoother by softening the crucial touch points.

The ergonomic grips are just what make the bike a must recommendation. In the same line comes the sleek design and the two are responsible for the envious look it invites from the neighbor.

There remain several flipsides of the product and the mentionable two include the difficult assembly and lack of fenders. But they do not break the deal.

Schwinn Suburban Specifications

Gender Men
Wheel Diameter26"
Tires26 x 1.95 inches
Age GroupAdult
BrakeAlloy linear haul brakes
SuspensionSchwinn steel suspension
Frame MaterialAluminium
StemAdjustable aluminum
ShiftersShimano REVOSHIFT
Number Of Speeds 21
SaddleSchwinn vinyl comfort
Weight36 pounds
Dimensions67" x 24.5" x 40"

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the adjustable parts?

There are two adjustable parts – the frame and the seat. They can be adjusted as per the height of the riders.

What is the Schwinn Suburban weight ?

This bike is made in aluminium so it is no heavy. Weight of the Suburban is 36 lbs.

Is the Suburban frame height medium?

Yes, 18″ is a medium height frame.

Can you tell me Schwinn Suburban tire size ?

Of course, this bike is set up with 26″ x 1.95″ comfort tires with alloy rims. These tires will provide a smooth and safe ride.

What is the load-hauling range or capacity?

It doesn’t have a mention anywhere about the weight limit or load capacity.

Is there an other version with more gears ?

No. There is only one version of this bike and the Schwinn Suburban bike provide 21 speeds.

What kind of handlebar on this comfort bike ?

Schwinn Suburban handlebars is 2.5″ riser

What and why is a hybrid bike?

Hybrid bikes are a go-between option of the slim tire road bike and flat and spiked tire mountain bike. It blends the maneuverability of the road or city bike and the stability and control of the off-the-road mountain bike.

Hybrid bike manufacturers borrow the flat handlebar of the mountain bike and the 700c wheels of the city bikes. Thus they have emerged as the most sought after cycling option, especially among the women (like the Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike) and children. But both veteran and novice men are spotted to surf around the city streets riding on hybrid bikes.

Therefore, if you are not up to maintain a strict schedule to attend office and run errands frequently, you can happily go for a hybrid bike. Moreover, a hybrid bike will carry you along the country roads smoothly.  The common purpose of using these bikes range commuting, fitness exercise, off-road surfing, and leisure ride with friends and family.

Final Verdict on Schwinn Suburban Comfort Hybrid Bike Review

Like any other high-end hybrid comfort bikes, Schwinn Suburban comfort hybrid bike offers a smooth, comfortable, and stable ride with its flat tires and wider threads. Comfort bikes are popular because of their ability to weakening the effect of tiny rocks and potholes strewn along the city streets.

The hybrid bike highlighted here in this Schwinn Suburban comfort hybrid bike review well passes the ordeal to stand towering above all other rivals.

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