Xspec Folding Mountain Bike Review – Top of the line but Affordable

Today we are reviewing Xspec folding mountain bike. Using a folding bike for commuting is a fun and speedy way with convenience. We all are used to riding those lightweight and quick machines on our weekends, and none is going to settle for any clunkers to go to work.

There are so many brands on the market that have their folding bikes. But Xspec has made a name due to its innovative and lightweight designs that are easy to carry around. 

Xspec 26 21 Speed Shimano Folding Mountain Bike
  • Accurate disc brake system
  • Strong and foldable steel frame
  • Top of the line components (Shimano Shifters & Rear Derailleurs)
  • Dual Steel Suspension system
  • Pedals are in plastic
  • Short brake cables

Xspec Folding Mountain Bike Review

For whom Xspec folding mountain bike is suitable?

Xspec is all about bringing quality products at affordable prices without compromising on style. That’s why you will find this folding mountain bike the best on the market. 

Xspec folding mountain bike is a top choice for anyone who likes to carry around his/her ride for some distance. The bike is straightforward to assemble, and you won’t have to put in much effort to get it on the road. Even if you are new to such bikes, you can do it in no time.  

Technical Details of Xspec Folding Mountain Bike

One of their best bikes in this regard is the Xspec 26 21 speed folding mountain bike. The bike focuses on a more reliable, faster, and more substantial power than traditional v-brake mechanisms. This bike also features a folding frame that is made of high-tensile steel. 

There are high-quality shifters and derailleurs on this bike with 26-inch wheels. The rest of the job is done by the rear and front shock absorbers to make your daily commute extremely comfortable. 

Let’s discuss Xspec 26 21 speed folding mountain bike specs in more detail. 

Folding Frame and Design

The folding bike comes with a quality frame that you can fold up in no time. It is made of high tensile steel and is relatively robust in construction. There are no loose ends, and the bike feels extremely solid while riding. It can comfortably withstand different mountain terrains and fold flat in no time. And you won’t need any tools either. 

A lot of credit goes to the streamlined design and construction of the frame. This frame doesn’t limit you to ride mountain trails only. You can also ride it on the road for commuting if you want. This folding bike’s versatility makes it one of the best on the market in terms of convenience. 

Xspec Folding Moutain Bike size

Handlebar & Seatpost

The folding mountain bike comes with alloy handlebars and has a durable construction. It is well locked into its place, and you will need an Allen screw to unlock it. The handlebars have a very comfortable design that makes your ride easy.

Similar is applicable for the seatpost as well! It has a compact design and supports your seating position to use it for longer rides. But you will notice it comes with a short seatpost for ease of foldability. 

If you are a tall person, you will have to replace this seatpost according to your body size. But we recommend replacing the seatpost in general because it doesn’t stay in its place, especially when you are riding on a rough Xspec 26 21 speed folding mountain bike bicycle trail

Xspec Folding Mountain Bike suspension

Suspensions and Fork

This folding bike features a dual steel suspension mechanism both on the front and on the rear end. These components come straight from Shimano, and you can conveniently rely on them. This system ensures your bike ride remains smooth at all times. Shock absorption remains at its best when you are riding this bike. 

The carbon fork system keeps the bike lightweight and durable. It pairs well with the suspension system, and you will remain in control of your ride at all times. No matter what kind of terrain you are riding, your Xspec will keep you nice and comfortable with its suspension and fork system.

Gearing and Speed

When you need to paddle quickly on your Xspec folding mountain bike, it won’t disappoint you. The bike comes with all the right tools to be speedy. 

Since it’s lightweight, so weight is not going to drag you down. It also comes with a 21-speed gearing system that you can use to cruise along or kick it in top gear. Shimano also makes the gearing system and the derailleur components. 

Xspec Shimano disc brake


The modern-day disc braking system provides you with tremendous stopping power. Disc brakes tend to last longer than the traditional v-brakes and increase the overall stopping power as well. 

It means you are in more control of your ride and reduce the overall maintenance costs in the long run. Disc brakes are far more consistent in terms of performance. 

Wheels and Tires

The Xspec bike comes with alloy rims featuring double-walled construction, and they are 26-inch in size. The diamond wheels work well with 1.95 road tires and produce more speed with the least effort. 

The best part is, you get to choose the type of tires you need to use on this bike. The wheelbase is suitable for road tires. But you can also use off-road tires on these wheels if you want. 

Xspec Folding Mountain Bike Specifications

Gender Men
Wheel Diameter26"
TiresDiamond 26" by 1.95"
Age GroupAdult
BrakeDisc brakes (front and rear)
SuspensionKZ - Dual steel suspension system
Frame MaterialSteel
StemZOOM 90mm
Number Of Speeds 21
SaddleXspec Compact
Weight42 pounds
Unfold Dimensions68" x 26" x 40"
Folded Dimensions32" x 26" x 40"
Xspec Folding Moutain Bike Review

FAQ on Xspec Folding Mountain Bike

Where are Xspec folding mountain bikes made?

All Xspec bikes are made in the United States, including the Xspec folding mountain bike series.

Do I need to assemble an Xspec 26 folding mountain bike?

You will only need to assemble a few parts and components of your new Xspec 26 folding mountain bike, and it’s simple to follow with the instructions that come along.

How to fold Xspec 26 inch folding mountain bike?

You don’t need any tools to fold or unfold this mountain bike. You only need to release the safety switch in the middle of the bike frame. A lever will allow you to unlock the bike frame, and you can fold it. You will have to position the lever back and lock the safety switch and start riding.

Comparison with Max4out Outroad R-100 Folding Mountain Bike

Max4out Outroad R-100 Folding Mountain Bike

When looking for a folding mountain bike, another one of the popular choices is the Max4out R-100 Outroad. And this bike directly competes with the Xspec folding mountain bike. Now, there are a few significant differences between these two bikes. 

The Max4out R-100 (39.2lbs) is lighter than Xspec 26 (42lbs). So, you will feel a lot more comfortable when carrying around an R-100 than Xspec. 

The reason here is R-100 is of lighter carbon steel, and Xspec is of high-tensile steel, which is heavier. But Xspec can be more versatile in handling different terrains as well. R-100 will be a lot better on flatter surfaces in comparison. 

Riding comfort is another important factor that differentiates both these models from one another. The ride on Xspec will be significantly more comforting and cushier because this bike comes with dual suspension. R-100 only comes with suspension on the rear end. 

You will notice that the R-100 is way better than Xspec due to those 6-spoke fashion rims in terms of style. But both models come with 26-inch wheel sizes. 

Gearing and speed are the same in both the models as they feature 21-speed shifters by Shimano along with the derailleurs. The R-100 is also available in different colors, whereas the Xspec is only available in black.

Another feature that differentiates both these models is their braking system. The R-100 comes with a dual-disc braking system, while the Xspec comes with a single disc braking system. Dual disc brakes fade away less over time than single disc braking systems. 

The Xspec 26 21 speed folding mountain bike pros and cons assessment is a much better option than the R-100.

Final Word on Xspec folding mountain bike

The Xspec folding mountain bike is a cool ride because it combines beauty with practicality and versatility. Folding and unfolding are breezy, and you can easily carry it without any trouble. 

Due to its high-tensile steel construction, this robust folding bike can competently handle all kinds of terrains. With disc brakes, you get the stopping power, and with Shimano 21-speed gearing, you get to kick at top speed whenever you need it.

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